Heaven, Hell, & the Road to Get There…

I’ve been thinking a lot for several years about this but moreso in the last couple of months. I haven’t had much time to write lately but hopefully that will change.

Let me say that I believe completly in the saving work of Jesus’ death and resurection. Without that our faith is hopeless. Do you ever wonder if the father of the prodigal son spent all those years waiting patiently at the gate for the return of his son? I suspect that he spent his fair time fuming about the whole situation. That is, until he saw his son walk in, then his heart melted and he embraced him. I wonder why, then, we think that when we return to our father in heaven (who is much more perfect than any earthly father) he will snub some and send them away even if they have squandered their gifts.

I am not advocating a universalist theology, rather why would God not extend the offer of forgiveness to those facing judgement alone? I am reminded of Thomas. Jesus was gracious with him, showing him the proof he needed to see but also careful to praise those who believe without seeing. Is there real Biblical support of the snub position? I can think of a few things that might be offered as such and plan to review some of those soon.

If you have thoughts in the meantime please comment.

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