Is Rob Bell a Universalist?

Lately there has been a lot of back and forth about Rob Bell‘s new book Love Wins. Much of the negative commentary on the book are hinged on Rob’s theology being universalist. Generally, universalism is the idea that all souls will be reconciled to God. Some believe that means eventually and some believe that means whether you want to be reconciled or not. Either way it is a stark contrast from Christian exclusivism which is the “traditional” “conservative” view and teaches that unless you believe and receive in this life and before your earthly death you will be going to hell. There is another view as well, inclusivism, which has to do with a loophole in salvation theology for those who have never heard the gospel message. (Really, it’s more complicated than that, but this will suffice for now)

Rob Bell and his publicist seem to be skirting the universalist label for some obvious reasons. If it is shown that he does not subscribe to universalism then much of the negative commentary is easily shrugged off. On the other hand, because universalism is largely considered unorthodox even the wide and diverse historical orthodoxy argument won’t do much to dig him out.

Of course, Rob Bell has a very loyal following in Grand Rapids and around the world. That may likely grow with universalists seeking him out. Either way, I doubt he’ll ever hurt for people to contribute financially to his ministry and to buy his books.

More thoughts on Rob and universalism next time. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

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