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Evolution… Seriously???

January 20, 2009

Alright, this if my first real post and I’m going to do something that probably won’t happen very often. I’m going to flat out disagree with Brian McLaren. You have to be aware that I greatly enjoy reading his books. He is a very talented writer and he has ideas that are similar to my own. In the areas where I don’t already agree he stretches my thinking.

I am really not much for biblical literalism. It has it’s place but I think it is often over emphasized. When I was in school, evolution is taught as fact but as I explored it I came to realize that there are two types of evolution: micro- and macro-. Microevolution consists of those changes within a species, often refered to as adaption. Microevolution is definitly fact, we have seen in firsthand.

The other type is Macroevolution, the creation of a new species from an existing one.  This I don’t put a lot of stock in. Not because I think that is couldn’t happen or that God would not want it to but simply because I don’t feel there is anywhere close to enough evidence to support it. It sounds good in theory but we just don’t have a fossile record that supports that kind of evolutionary change. On top of that we haven’t even touched on the incredibly complex systems that would be nearly impossible to evolve simply because they wouldn’t work until they were fully formed. It’s one thing for a flipper to evolve into a leg but where does the eye come from? There is no primitive eye, they either work or they don’t.

Brian seems to come down on the opposite side of the fence for me. He suggests that evolution is an elegant system, picture perfect for the workshop of God. Despite the admitted lack of evidence, he suggests that we just haven’t found it yet or figured out the real mechanism.

My faith in God has no ties to creation. If tomorrow CNN announces a huge new discovery proving evolution beyond a shadow of doubt my faith would never skip a beat. I just feel, in the name of intellectual honesty, that I cannot at this time believe in something that has no evidentuary support.

While reading The Story We Find Ourselves In I reached a chapter set up by a phrase similar to, “why do you believe in evolution? I’ve heard it’s a theory full of holes.” I was excited to hear his take on it. Rather than give an answer to this, he proceeds to give a history of why the Church resisted the theory. His only argument for actually believing evolution was that it sounds good and we might someday find proof… Odd.