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Survivor Spirituality

October 30, 2011

For the last two years my wife and son and I get together with my parents every Wednesday to watch Survivor. Every season there is someone who makes an attempt to play the game ‘like a Christian.’ This year there is a kid named Brandon who, while doing the same thing, has gone off the deep end. His insistence on playing Survivor without lying or backstabbing (which includes keeping secrets because that is deceptive) not only drives me nuts as a Survivor fan but is also worrisome as a Christian.

Brandon also happens to be Russell Hantz’s nephew. If you don’t know who that is it can suffice to say that he may be the most deceptive scummy cast-member to ever play the game. Despite my dislike of Russell, I much prefer seeing him rather than his hapless nephew. The major problem is that Survivor is not a game that is supposed to be played ‘like a Christian.’

It is rather like saying, “I’m going out to play football with my buddies but, unlike them, I will play like a Christian and not hit anyone.” Or playing poker ‘like a Christian’ and not being deceptive about your hand. First, I don’t think that God even cares about who wins a reality game show. Secondly, I think that if you’re going to play Survivor ‘like a Christian’ then that means you should play by the rules. Fortunately for Christians who have their head operating correctly, that means it’s OK to lie and deceive and even knock someone down in a physical challenge.